Modern Farmhouse and Accessory Dwelling

Modern Farmhouse and Accessory Dwelling

Modern Farmhouse and Accessory Dwelling

Project Snapshot

The owners of a home nestled on four-acres had big plans for the plot’s existing two-story single-family residence, attached garage, and mother-in-law studio suite. The design was to be a modern farmhouse, but there were challenges from the outset,  including that the land lacked any public infrastructure for sewer and water. RMG’s expertise was brought to bear to provide solutions that make the owners’ dream come true. Working alongside the general contractor and a local design studio, RMG’s civil engineering and geotechnical engineering services were tasked to come up with an approach that utilized the on-site wastewater infrastructure and water well to accommodate two new structures as well as the existing single-family home that was slated to be renovated in the future.

The goal was to disturb as little of the existing property as possible while ensuring that the overall concept was functional and long-lasting. RMG’s innovative solution included the design and inspection of a new on-site wastewater treatment system and a new internal driveway access configuration and grading that enabled proper drainage and that resulted in less than one acre of disturbance to avoid water quality and detention requirements. Additionally, RMG’s civil engineering team led the charge for design of the site’s erosion and sediment control and guided the general contractor and the owners through county permitting. RMG was also involved in the geotechnical engineering for the soils investigation, OWTS design and inspection for compliance, a subsurface soils investigation report, on-site wastewater treatment system design, and field Inspections and observations.


The homeowners’ aesthetic — modern farmhouse — was always top-of-mind. Their future plans to turn the rustic-chic barn into a venue to host charity events were realized.

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