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Bringing Clients' Dreams to Life with Creative, Innovative,
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Making an Impact Takes Vision

Since 1986 RMG has been helping to shape the look and feel — and the ingenuity — of engineering, building, and design projects across Colorado. Our goal is to innovate the way construction is approached and to impact building and engineering projects in the state. It is our approach — fresh, creative, pushing beyond the expected and the ordinary — that sets us apart. We are a people-first, client-focused company. We genuinely listen and treat every project as if it were our own. We are a one-stop shop, masters at solving problems, and transformers of creative ideas. Our team provides professional services focused on the highest technical quality, market innovation, and customer-focused solutions. We offer fresh new insights and perspectives for design and engineering to all areas of residential, commercial building, and development.

Because RMG is employee-owned, our team is focused on one goal: the success of every project we work on. We are dedicated to providing stellar client service and embracing challenges. We like to say that we run our company like we own it – because we do! Learn More

Grounded in our roots, RMG’s story is about real people with common goals and a rock-solid work ethic who pull together and work hard for our customers. We are proud to have served our clients across Colorado, with high quality work and a keen sense of urgency, for over 35 years. Learn More

There’s nothing fancy or complicated about RMG. We’re a straightforward, straight-shooting bunch of designers, engineers, and soil techs. We are a company with a clearly defined vision and a willingness to fearlessness grow. Learn More

Do work that matters. Come to work. Love your work. We are continually seeking eager and qualified candidates looking to join a team where they can make a difference. If you are interested in working for a straightforward bunch of engineers, soil techs and corporate teams, we would love to talk to you! Learn More

The proof of our values, culture and impact to our communities comes from our boots and the ground. Learn first-hand how we have our clients back, love being their eyes and ears. Hear from fanatical staff who are wild about the work we do. Learn More