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Ever wonder what is happening beneath the ground you are standing on? Our Colorado beauty gives way to all types of soils, sands, clay, bedrock and more. Our geotechnical team is on a mission to dig in and determine the best plan to properly develop your project.

At RMG, we perform in-house laboratory testing and have our own fleet of drilling rigs with dedicated experts to allow us more flexibility and faster turnaround to keep your projects on schedule. We have boots on the ground wherever your project takes us, with diligent lab services for prompt testing nearby.

Our engineering and technicians work hand-in-hand to ensure the greatest continuity and quality. We work as a team on-site and behind the scenes to get you the quickest, most reliable reports. We can’t move the mountains, but we sure can climb them and tell you what lies beneath.

From the steepest mountainous slopes, to the foothills terrain, to the tightest squeezes in the hearts of our downtowns, we get there. From mountain top homes and resorts, to wildlife refuges, to air force bases to prized sporting arenas, we get it done. From commercial development for shopping centers – shoppertainment even! – to retail spaces for restaurants, banks, medical buildings, convenience stores and more we make it happen. From single family homes, pop-tops, townhomes, apartments to housing developments across Colorado, we welcome projects of every shape and size.


Geotechnical Engineering | FEATURED THOUGHT LEADER

Tony Munger | Soils Group Director

[email protected]

Please reach out to our featured thought leader – Tony – to swap ideas and meld minds regarding geotechnical projects.

For schedule requests, please contact RMG’s office location closest to your project.