Expertise That Helps Our Clients Build Successfully.

Our History. Grounded in our Roots.

RMG is proud to have served our clients across Colorado, with high quality work and a keen sense of urgency, for over 35 years.

Our history is about real people with common goals and a rock-solid work ethic who pull together and work hard for our clients. We have our roots firmly planted. Our story began in 1986 in our founder’s house while the savings and loan recession was unfolding. Driven by persistence to find work, do the right thing and to treat each project as if it was his own, John Clarke, forged ahead.

RMG was founded as a different kind of company, one based on the people that were at its core. People that valued honesty, who went out of their way to listen to clients, who prized timeliness and doing good work, and who wanted to work in a culture that was more like a team of friends and family.

Today, RMG still a small company in the way we think. But, we have grown to provide a full range of integrated services to best serve our clients across Colorado. However, we are still the straightforward, straight-shooting bunch of engineers, geologists, technicians and professionals that we have always been.

We remain grounded in the values to always do the right thing and to treat each project as if it were our own. We have a special culture built on adding value and making an impact. And, we are darn excited about the next 35 years!