Do Good Work. Make Clients Proud.

Team RMG is a family; there is communication and trust. And we are united in our fanatical devotion of excellence in customer service.

We operate from an ESOP model, which has served to highlight how each of our team members value the work they do; they have skin in the game and that equates to better outcomes for everyone, most especially our clients.

Our mantra is a simple one: do the right thing, provide value, treat every job like it’s your own, and try every day to impact the lives of our clients and our team in whatever positive way we can.

There’s nothing fancy or complicated about RMG. We’re a straightforward, straight-shooting bunch of designers, engineers, architects, and soil techs and we’re very clear on who we are and what we do. We provide reliable, dependable solutions, and our geo-technical expertise and experience bring with it an unmatched understanding of the realities and practicalities of building, engineering, and designing along the Front Range.

Our past, our now, and our future are about focusing on our clients, working hard to understand their needs, and doing everything we can to make their visions into realities.

We are a company with a clearly defined vision and a willingness to fearlessness grow. The leadership team set out to create an environment that is beneficial, productive, positive, and growth-oriented for all of our staff. But it’s never been about growth for growth’s sake; we are still here to provide great services to ALL of our customers, large and small, and we still support our team in their desire to bring innovation and creativity to the work we do.


Kristen Ibarra, CDT 
Operations Director

2910 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Suite 100
Colorado Springs, CO 80918