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Solving Puzzles Outside the "Box" to Innovate and Make Things Happen.

The way we look at it, RMG is a customer service company that does structural engineering. The thing we do best is solving problems. That means we listen to you and we get to work on your project.

Our structural engineers think differently. We don’t do “in the box” designs. We are creative — even inventive — and we love solving puzzles. We go the extra mile to think of other solutions that could help costs, timing, construction effort.

Structural engineering is all about looking at a project — seeing its pieces, getting your head around the end game — and then making it happen. That’s what we do at RMG. Our team of structural engineers — talented professionals and “out-of-box thinkers,” many of whom have been with the company for over 20 years — is deeply knowledgeable and experienced, and also deeply committed to our clients and their visions.

We treat every project like it’s our own and we understand the need to be economical in our approach. We work within budget and on deadline, and we collaborate with our other service departments so that all aspects of your project are covered from start to finish. From residential projects to repurposing existing structures to commercial buildings to remodels, it’s all about ideating and innovating pieces of a puzzle to arrive at brilliant solutions more quickly.

Creative strategies, on-trend cool approaches, and embracing “tricky and weird” ideas are what get us up every morning. And we must be doing something right because a great many of our clients continue to tap into the RMG’s structural engineering knowledge base and trust us with all their structural engineering projects. We have offices across the Front Range, and we are ready NOW!



Structural ENGINEERING | featured thought leader

Mike Thompson, P.E., S.E. | Structural Project Manager
Civil Structures Manager

Please reach out to our featured thought leader – Mike – to swap ideas and strategize regarding structural engineering projects. 

For other inquiries, please contact RMG’s office location closest to your project.