Bison Wildlife Refuge

Bison Wildlife Refuge

Bison Wildlife Refuge

Project Snapshot

Imagine living a Western dream; a home in the Rocky Mountain foothills, where the deer, the antelope, AND the buffalo roam! This proposed Bison Wildlife Refuge will be a remarkable sanctuary with a potential visitors center, walkways, amphitheater, private housing and more.

RMG is reviewing geologic conditions and providing recommendations for suitable subsurface soil investigation, and providing necessary design data relevant to proposed construction activities. Our expertise in engineering for Colorado’s unique soil was brought to the table early on. RMG will provide a grid of test borings over 200 feet deep and develop an alternate investigation to characterize the mine subsidence risk. The team is also evaluating the proposed amphitheater and portions of the pedestrian walkways that will be located atop an area identified as having.


RMG is happy to contribute to the health and future home of one of Colorado’s majestic bison herds. The thousands of acres had been privately owned by one family for hundreds of years. The current owners have held on to the parcel for over 20 years, awaiting something special. At last, they are on a quest to provide wildlife a gorgeous area to roam and the community a place to reside and recreate. A Bison Wildlife refuge is in the making and RMG is honored to contribute.

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