Bancroft Project

Bancroft Project

Bancroft Project

Project Snapshot

The July 2020 opening of the self-cleaning restroom in Bancroft Park is a welcome amenity for residents and visitors who are seeking a clean park facility. It offers three restrooms, including an ADA-compliant option, and each comes with green, red, and yellow lights to show availability. Soap, water, toilet paper, and a dryer are all activated with the wave of a hand. The restrooms self-clean after every 30 uses, and a park maintenance supervisor is alerted via an app when toilet paper or other supplies are running low. The exterior is wrapped with historic photos and facts about the historic Old Colorado City neighborhood where it’s located.

RMG provided the structural design of the premanufactured restroom structure and slab/foundation. Our analysis, performed by our Colorado Licensed Professional Engineers, was to meet the requirements of the Pikes Peak Building Code. RMG’s engineers analyzed and detailed the rectangular hollow steel sections that comprise the structure of the innovative building. Our team also oversaw the construction materials testing services for the construction of the project, and we performed materials sampling and testing of structural fill/backfill material for comparison with the project specifications.

RMG also performed field compliance observations including open excavation observations, reinforcing steel inspections, and concrete field testing and sampling for the structure and associated site work. RMG identified and performed gradation analyses and Atterberg limits testing to classify the materials following the Unified Soil Classification System (USCS). When RMG determined that unapproved material types were delivered to the project site, we notified the client, and the unapproved materials were replaced with materials meeting the project specifications expected by the owner and design team.


Park visitors love the TikTok-famous restroom and winner of Cintas Corporation’s 2020 America’s Best Restroom.

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