New Foundation System Appears to Levitate Above Harmful Expansive Soils

RMG Engineers and Architects is considered the top engineering firm in Colorado when it comes to creating long term foundation solutions for our problematic, expansive soils. RMG is revolutionizing the way residential and commercial foundations are built along the Colorado Front Range, with a new and proven technology called Tella Firma.

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RMG - Tella Firma

“Click Here to Book a Free Tella Firma Consultation”

The Tella Firma technology was originally patented in 2011 and RMG Engineers is currently the only Colorado Structural and Geotechnical Engineering Firm to utilize this cutting edge, extremely effective technology.

The term is derived from the Latin words “Strong Home”.

After nearly 30 years in business, and as many years engineering repairs caused by our expansive clay soils, owner John Clarke decided to look for affordable, effective, and long term solutions for RMG clients. This is when he founded the process and after careful research and testing he decided to become the first and only Colorado engineering firm to utilize the proven technology.

The process elevates the slab above ground thus creating space that protects the slab and structure from the shrinking and swelling of our Colorado soils. The void between the ground and slab allows the soil to expand and contract as it absorbs moisture then dries. The solution can even protect against movement caused by light earthquakes.

Benefits of Tella Firma foundations:

  • Can be designed for residential, multi-family, or commercial projects.
  • It is environmentally friendly with no chemicals used and no waste.
  • More affordable and takes less time to compete than most traditional suspended foundations.
  • Reduce costly repairs down the road.

Don’t leave your home or building to chance. The last thing you want to do as the years pass is worry if your home, structure, office, or commercial building is going to stand the test of time.

Call us for a free Tella Firma consultation and demonstration to find out how you can build your home or commercial project on a solid foundation that will give you peace of mind for many years to come.

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  • What is Tella Firma?

    Tella Firma is a patented process for constructing a new type of suspended concrete foundation system.

    This concept has been used for many years in commercial design. Tella Firma simply applies this proven system to residential foundations.

  • Problems with our Present System

    Over-excavation – The conventional approach in Colorado is to over-excavate and remove the unsuitable material. However, in addition to excavation labor being expensive, importing fill material is very costly. If on-site material is used, it still needs to be conditioned and tightly controlled. Furthermore, even with suitable fill, slab-on-grade foundations are susceptible to movement without full isolation of finish work.

  • Problems W/ Our Current System Cont.

    The other option traditionally utilized is a pier and grade beam foundation. With this type of system, piers are required at most jogs and corners, regardless of loads. In addition, Structural floors are needed and crawlspaces require ventilation which may result in mold issues.

  • Tella Firma Solution

    Tella Firma is a Structurally Suspended Slab Floor which is an alternative that addresses these concerns. The slab is lifted several inches above the “problem” soil, thereby isolating it from the expansive soil.

  • The Tella Firma System

    The Tella Firma system is a “deep foundation” consisting of concrete piers, helical piles or micro-piles laid out in a grid fashion under the entire building footprint.
    Compared with the typical pier foundation, this efficient grid system can reduce the number of piers up to 25%.

  • The Tella Firma System

    After piers are drilled across the grid layout, The Tella Firma Lifting Mechanisms are placed at each pier. This mechanism is literally a screw-jack that is turned to lift the slab.

  • The Tella Firma System

    The post-tension slab placed over the entire footprint is lifted off the ground to create a void space and eliminating contact with the expansive soils.

  • The Tella Firma System

    The building is supported on top of the suspended slab. A barrier is placed around the void.

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