As I continued to research the Tella Firma foundation system, I found that I have worked with John Clarke at RMG – Rocky Mountain Group, on a number of projects over the past 15 years.

My relationship with RMG has been extremely positive and professional on all of the past and present projects we are both involved in. Rod and Carolyn (home owners) and myself are extremely elated with the Tella Firma design and cost effectiveness relating to the typical type of foundation systems that are being used with this type of extreme expansive soil types in Colorado.

I invite anyone concerned with the same type of soil conditions on a present or future projects to get involved and see the progress of the Tella Firma System through the final lifting of the structural slab.

I have been designing and building custom homes for over 40 years along the front range of Colorado and throughout the mountain areas from Park County and Teller counties. I am also licensed from Denver to Colorado Springs including Douglas, Teller and Park Counties.

My experience with soils from stable to unstable conditions has always been a major factor in the design of all the homes I have built. I believe the Tella Firma design is the most effective system I have found to work the best for me and the owners.

Please contact me at 719-240-1552 for more information and the progress of The Jones residence.

Joe Adams