Mohamad Gozeh, E.I.

Geotechnical Engineer / Partner

RMG Iraq Office Manager

Mr. Gozeh has over 30 years of Engineering, Project and Program Management experience. He has served in high level managerial positions in US and Iraq, including directing an advisory office for Baghdad Mayoralty for two years while working for the State Department 2008-2010 and served as Country Director for an NGO in Northern Iraq. Mr. Gozeh has also managed construction material testing operations and provided general construction management for both commercial and residential projects in Iraq, California and Colorado. He has spent over 20 years in material testing and field construction QC/QA.

Mohamad is certified as a Nuclear Densometer Operator and as an ACI Concrete Technician (Field and Laboratory Level 1). He obtained Colorado Engineering Intern status in 2002 and has been a Senior Engineer in the Iraq and Kurdistan Engineering Union (Muhandis Aqdam)