John P. Clarke, P.E.

Owner / President

John Clarke has owned and managed RMG Engineers since 1986. John has been a practicing civil, structural and geotechnical engineer for over 30 years. John’s specialty work includes the design of land development structures, including retaining walls, drainage structures, bridges and abutments, etc. His combined experience in civil design and structural engineering provides a unique insight into the development of these facilities. Since many of these structures are interdependent with the supporting and supported soil, his geotechnical experience also adds another unique perspective. John also has extensive experience in forensic engineering having investigated and repaired over 200 damaged structures due to age deterioration, soil movement, etc. These projects require rigorous review and analysis of existing structural conditions.

Mr. Clarke is a registered professional engineer with a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Santa Clara University in California.

He has over 30 years of experience in California and Colorado and is registered in Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Wyoming and California. He presently serves as President of the Company.