Carlos Serrano, P.E.

Forensic Project Engineer

Colorado Springs

Carlos is responsible for providing our clients services that include structural engineering design/analysis of new residential structures, home remodels, forensic investigations, and  engineering consulting.  He has 10 years of collective professional experience in various fields of engineering that include structural engineering for commercial/residential structures, bridge design, geotechnical engineering, transportation and water resources. By working in difference branches of engineering Carlos has refined his understanding of structural design.

The work Carlos has performed includes identifying and logging the collection of soil/rock samples, drafting full geotechnical reports for foundation design, design of reinforced concrete bridge bents for state highways, design of aluminum awnings/canopies, design of structural steel and cold formed steel buildings, pre-engineered wood truss repairs, timber truss design and reinforced concrete foundations. His experience with geotechnical engineering has  allowed him to conduct forensic investigations for residential and commercial structures. Carlos has conducted forensic investigations to determine cause of foundation settlement, undermining of bearing structures and excessive deflections of wood framed structures.