Human Resources Director

Describe RMG in ten words or less.

“RMG is adaptive. We thrive on reassessing and redirecting.”

What is something about RMG that someone might find surprising?

“How easily our culture adapted to the concept of Employee Ownership. It was as though it was created and nurtured to embrace us becoming an ESOP!”

“A typical day at RMG begins…and ends…

…with people. Whether it is partnerships, projects, causes, or collaborations, we are about people at RMG. Our people make RMG what it is. They define our culture and live our core values.”

“Working at RMG, I have learned…

…that everything is a learning experience. Both failures and successes alike. Not every idea you have will be a success. But don’t stress about those failures. With no mistakes, there would be no opportunity to learn and grow.”