RMG and 84 Lumber Featured in Mongolia’s “Century News”

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RMG and 84 Lumber Featured in Mongolia's "Century News"

Mongolia Update From John Clarke, P.E.

There are serious discussions with the City of Ulan Bator (or Ulaanbaatar) and our (RMG and 84 Lumber) representatives in Mongolia for a 1000-home development to replace a portion of their Ger districts.   Ulan Bator is the capital city of Mongolia with a population of 1.34M.  This population includes approximately 700,000 people living around perimeter of the city in what is called Ger Districts.  These are areas where people from throughout the country came to the city looking for work when the government was converted to a democracy with a capitalist economy, after years of living within the sphere of the Soviet Union. These people were all given land as the socialist system was changed to private ownership.  The problem is there was no infrastructure built for all these people. They all live in their gers (yurts) or wooden shacks with no water, electricity, heat or sewage systems.  Is has become quite an issue and the government is looking for ways to house these people.  Besides building high rises, they are looking at lower density options that would better fit their nomadic culture and the vast open space that is available.  This has been one of the goals of 84 Lumber and RMG: to provide housing developments based on typical U.S. housing construction methods and subdivision layout design.

The City recently indicated they would like to use this system from the U.S. with 84 Lumber as part of the re-development of these areas.  This came after the “Builder Blitz” we completed in June, where three houses were constructed (foundations already in place) in 3 days. Negotiations are beginning now.