The Differences Between a House Designer/Planner and an Architect

As a guest on the Denver Real Estate Radio Show, Keith Moore, Colorado licensed architect at RMG Engineers, discusses the differences between a House Designer or Planner, and an architect.  An architect knows exactly how to take your visions and ideas and make them a reality by making sure they can be structurally supported. RMG Engineers is your go-to firm because not only can we help with your home’s design, but we creatively and practically find engineered solutions to literally support the design. Watch the radio segment to learn more.

The Impact of Colorado Soils on Homes

Nate Dowden, Geotechnical Engineer at RMG Engineers, was featured on Denver Real Estate Radio show and discusses why it is important for a homebuyer to be concerned about the type of soil a house was built upon. We have a variety of soil types along the Front Range, ranging from sand to claystone. The term expansive soil is used frequently when referring to Colorado soil, and these are the soils that when they are wetted, swell up. It is important for buyers to looks at the drainage around the house, and make sure that water runs away from the foundation system. RMG Engineers can provide soils tests for anyone looking to buy a home or purchase a lot in Colorado.

CSBJ recognizes RMG Engineers in “Best Of Business”

First Place RibbonEvery year, the Colorado Springs Business Journal (CSBJ) recognizes businesses in various industies. RMG Engineers was named 2nd in the Best of Engineering Firms category. Read the list of recognized businesses here.

RMG’s Mark Weidhaas’s article is featured in the Colorado Real Estate Journal

RMG's Mark Weidhaas's ArticleIs Featured in the Colorado Real Estate Journal

Mark Weidhaas’s article in the Colorado Real Estate Journal (CREJ) titled Structural Engineering Needs: Industrial Plant addresses the question, “When is it necessary to call and consult with a professional structural engineer?” Click here to read the full article by Mark Weidhaas

RMG Engineers is Expanding Internationally

Mongolia Flag

RMG Engineers is expanding internationally into Mongolia to provide land planning, architectural and civil engineering services. Due to a new capitalistic-based economy with a Parliament-style government , Mongolia’s housing needs are growing.

John Clarke guest on Denver Radio Real Estate Show

John Clarke, owner of RMG Engineers talks about how expansive soils affect the structural integrity of a foundation in Colorado. Listen to his radio segment.

RMG’s David Schmidt on the Denver Radio Real Estate Show

Cheryl Garlock, realtor at Colorado Front Range Properties and host of the Denver Radio Real Estate show talks with David Schmidt at RMG Engineers about evaluating home forensics. In addition to obtaining a general home inspection, it can be extremely valuable to have your home evaluated structurally by an engineer. Know the signs that your home is talking to you to warn you of potential damage and costly repairs.