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Consider RMG for Your Multifamily Architecture Needs

Ever since the economic crisis in 2008, multifamily development has led the way in housing recovery. In fact, from 2012 to 2014, multifamily units increased 42%, largely due to a high demand for rental properties. If you’re looking to develop in this sector, we break down the specifics of multifamily properties and why you should consider RMG for your multifamily architectural needs.

How does multifamily architectural design differ from single-family design?

Instead of thinking and shaping space for a family, couple or an individual, the architectural designer must think about not only the micro (single occupant), but also the macro (all occupants in the group of units). How do we provide a grounded (health), inviting (welfare) and safe (safety) experience for all users?

That’s what we design.

But beyond the basic needs of a multifamily unit, RMG takes it a step further, ensuring the client is satisfied with the end result. We achieve this through the following principles.


Most single-family residence clients want something that pleases them—and rightfully so; however, multifamily architecture provides an opportunity to make a lasting design impression upon the contextual fabric for an entire populace.


Hardiness also plays a role as many people are expected to use the product (the building). The materials and details should be at a consistently high level to take abuse over the lifespan of the building, while balancing the art of multifamily architectural design. We put ourselves into the shoes of the client and building ownership by asking: what is economical and also aesthetically pleasing?


Higher energy demand and efficiencies are a requirement for multifamily buildings, and are stressed much more than single-family residences. We always think about how we can leverage our designs to reduce building energy consumption.

What type of multifamily projects does RMG like to work on?

RMG has the experience and expertise to design small to mid-sized multifamily structures. We relish the opportunity to successfully provide delight, firmness and commodity while meeting our clients’ and building owners’ expectations and requirements.

What does RMG do differently when it comes to multifamily architecture?

RMG is focused on the budgetary limits and requirements of all projects across the spectrum. We understand that we are not creating architectural designs for ourselves, but for our clients, and we always strive to produce thought-provoking designs when and where applicable.

What are some multifamily architecture examples RMG has worked on?

We have worked on an array of multifamily projects—ranging in size and purpose. Here are a couple examples of our work:


Are you looking into multifamily development? Contact us today to speak to our team about RMG’s multifamily architecture capabilities.


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