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The Art and Craft of Architecture & Planning.

Architecture can move and inspire. Our Architecture and Planning team understands that, and they are passionate! Empty vacant lots, old or rundown buildings, blueprints, renderings, and a client’s visions ignite their imaginations and they want to get to work! That fire is what makes this team say “Yes!” to everything from an underground doghouse to 13-story high-rise buildings (which we’ve done quite a few of!). RMG architects approach everything from a multi-disciplinary perspective: most of the team have many years of architectural design experience with engineering backgrounds, so working with RMG’s structural, civil, and geotechnical engineering teams is seamless.

Unlike other firms, RMG achieves what we call “a better blend” so that your project is managed from day one. Bringing everything under one roof enables the team to shorten timeframes, improve efficiencies and ultimately design a better product for our clients. Because, in the end, we’re more than architects. We believe in good, strong design that is not only practical, but that has the power to enhance lives and transform communities. We are collaborators and innovators — armed with the latest technology and up on the latest trends — that create functional spaces that are more than just four walls.

We listen, we adapt, we take projects personally…from the ground to completion.




Jennifer Zezlina, R.A., AIA | Project Architect

[email protected]

Please reach out to our featured thought leader – Jennifer – to swap ideas and strategize regarding architecture and planning projects. 

RMG also has Registered Architects on staff in each of our offices across the Front Range. For other inquiries, please contact RMG’s office location closest to your project.