My position at 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty is to process the New Home Enrollments we receive for Warranty and this includes collecting inspections that are required by our Risk Management Department.  I work very closely with one of our biggest Builders in Colorado, Saint Aubyn, and they submit Geotechnical Investigations from your Company for their projects in Southern Colorado.  These reports are then scanned over to our Engineer for review and he is always able to review them in a timely manner because your reports are very detailed, organized and easy to read.  They provide us all the information we are looking for in regards to what the subsurface conditions are, if there were any loose soils encountered that needed to be compacted, as well as the foundation recommendations.  Your staff is also very knowledgeable, courteous and easy to work with.

I’m so glad I was able to meet some of your staff as I work with Geotechnical Investigations from your Company almost on a daily basis.

Amy Amos2-10 Home Buyers Warranty New Home CSC – Enrollment Compliance

Challenger Homes has been working with RMG Engineering for over 15 years and have appreciated the way that they have worked with us to come up with good engineering designs that help us fulfill our mission of “Making Life Better…. One Home at a Time”. Because of their competency and professionalism, we have never had a single engineering issue on any home that we have built. We really appreciate RMG!

Challenger Homes, Inc

“Our company has been working with RMG Engineers for a number of years. We have found their engineering talents and experience range from soils and foundation work to civil and structural. Because of their diversity and knowledge of the industry we find them to be a valuable asset to our projects.”

Larry GillandGilland and Associates

“RMG Engineers bring a professional optimism to the various projects in which they are involved that is very helpful in the successful completion of the job. I never hesitate to involve them with clients and find that they are always willing to go beyond to design and coordinate their work with other professionals.”

Mark TremmelAIA Colorado Architectural Partnership

“RMG Engineers provides clear, concise and accurate structural design in a professional manner.”

Neil KatzAIA, Architect

“We use RMG for everything, from foundation design to structural engineering. They make us look good to our clients by their prompt service and attention to details.”

Kenton PassSawhorse Company

“I want to take the time to thank your company RMG for getting the WCR 49 Corridor Geotechnical Survey and Report completed under budget and ahead of the contract schedule. It is efforts like this that help a project be successful. Please thank all your staff. “

Don Dunke, P.E.County EngineerWeld County

“Thank you so very much for taking on this project, your kindness, diligence, professionalism, expertise, and your consideration and fairness in pricing.  We are most grateful! It has lifted our spirits through a difficult time.”

Julia and Michael O.